Community Rules

1: Abuse

Do not flame, insult, harass or bully any other users in any way, including pokes, private messages or any sort of messaging method linked to Outcast. People who break this rule will be removed from ALL Outcast Platforms.

2: Sound Boards and Voice Changers

The use of Voice Changers is strictly prohibited, the use of Sound Boards may be limited and should not be abused.

3: Age of Entry

Members of Outcast should be of an age of 13 years or older and should act in a mature manner.

4: Hate speech

No hate-speech: racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory speech will not be tolerated. This includes hate-speech usernames and avatars. Hate speech is determined by deception case by case. If the comment is taken jokingly and in a positive manner, this would be acceptable. Keep in mind of others in the community.

5: Advertising

If you promote other organisations or recruit for another community, you will be permanently banned.

6: DDoS

DDoS Attacks are an offense that will result in a permanent ban. Talking about DDoS attacks and threats may also result in a severe ban.

7: Personal Information

Do NOT spread another user’s personal information of any sort (i.e name, age, address, email, phone numbers, images, private messages, facebook, instagram or any media) to anyone unless they have given you explicit permission to do so. Sharing indecent personal pictures/videos of another member may result in an immediate permanent ban.

8: Impersonation

Do not make fake an identity to impersonate someone else or impersonating a staff member/rank.

9: Promotions

Refrain from asking for promotions, apply for position and you will be considered. To apply for a staff position speak with Malfery.

Last revised: 07/01/2017