03/09/17 – Server Address

The new server address that should be used by everyone is: ts.outcast.community

02/06/17 – Management Changers

Alex has stepped down from General Manager and has created Council system to replace. Alex will continue work behind the scenes mainly on the website and other upcoming changes but will take a huge step back from community work.

02/09/17 – Staff job role assignment

All Moderators have been demoted to Trial-Moderator, To be added back to Moderator they must be assigned or self assign to a specific job role on the server. users who don’t find a purpose will step down. This is in efforts to have a smaller more focused staff team.

01/09/17 – Council Server Group

The Council server group has been added and given the long time loyal member who have shown exceptional unbiased discussion making. During server changers the council will come together and vote on the outcome, Majority votes wins. This ensures a democracy type leadership and avoids poor decisions.

10/06/17 – Discord launch

Official Outcast Discord launch

7/06/17 – Promotions

Congratulations to Secretchaos
and MrPudJones for being promoted to Moderator!

20/05/17 – Promotions

Congratulations to Ahmed
and Jeeson for being promoted to Admin!

28/04/17 – Channel generator’s implemented

Enter the join for Permanent/Temporary to create your personal channel. For permanent channels, You can join the spacer to be moved to your channel.

23/04/17 – On Leave

Mel will be in the Singapore Arm Forces for 2 years . I will be getting on irregularly starting from 24/04/17

19/04/17 – Demotion

Due to inactivity Strikeep has been demoted from Moderator.

18/04/17 – Automated Ranking Bot

New Automated Ranking Bot officially implemented, the leveling system is from Level 1 – level 25 with each individual level incrementally getting harder. Level from time spent active on server not idle.

15/04/17 – Promotions

Congratulations to CMA, Peter & Nick (Bless) for being promoted to Moderator!

29/03/17 – Automated Ranking Bot

As many will know our Automated ranking system has been broken recently, We have created a new version that has been under testing in the last week. All bugs, features and server hosting has been completed. Official rollout will commence within the following week with a bunch of exciting new feature.

18/03/17 – Promotions

Congratulations to Hayden, The Piano Entertainer & Ben for being promoted to Moderator

Also CMA, Peter & Nick (Bless) have been awarded Trial Moderator.

10/01/17 – Promotions

Congratulations to Strikeep for being promoted to Moderator!

08/01/17 – Promotions

Congratulations to Toby for being promoted to Moderator!

08/01/17 – Automated Ranking Bot

Members will be automatically ranked up from Level 1 to the maximum of Level 20 with each sequential level becoming drastically harder to achieve. The Bot is based off time spent active, the use of Continuous Transmission / Music will be punished and will automatically removed from the competition. Financial Rewards will be given to the first few to reach certain levels (15/20), These will be officially announced in the next few days.

08/01/17 – Server Group Removal

The following server groups are discontinued: Level 1 Outcast, Level 2 Outcast and Level 3 Outcast being replaced by the new 1-20 System.

07/01/17 – Promotions

Congratulations to Ahmed for being promoted to Moderator!

07/01/17 – Staff Changes and Purge

All Moderators have been removed; Applications are open to past Staff and past Recruiters, See staff list for details.

All Recruiters have been removed, the tag will be awarded to members who consistent recruit and promote the Outcast server. This server group is not permanent and will be removed if not continually earned.

07/01/17 – Addition of new Server Groups

-Member of the Month
-Events Manager

01/11/16 – Server Creation

United-Outcasts was created on 01-11-2016, Soon after name changed to Outcast then to what we know today ‘Outcast Community’