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We are Outcast

Outcast is a community that encourages gaming, socializing, listening and producing music and many other creative and social activities. The community on TS3 and Discord is a collection of friends that have united together to govern themselves with no specific overlord using a voting system among Council members for server changers. We also host a vanilla Minecraft server on outcast.on.vg.


Outcast is a large VOIP driven community based around gaming mainly LOL and PUBG and community activity and social lobbies. We have members from over 200+ countries resulting in a diverse and interesting group of individuals. Come and hang out!


Outcast hosts events regularly, most common are Movie night (Saturdays) and TV Shows, Everyone welcome. Shows are streamed live and will be automatically synced with all participant. We also intermittently host game tournaments with large prize pools, All members are welcome to compete.


With 24/7 monitoring and redundant backups, we aim to be running 24/7 and back online during the event of catastrophic failure (such as hard failure) within an hour, with no data-loss. Our website, Teamspeak server and server bots are all hosted on 480 GBps DDOS Protection ensuring consistently excellent up times.


We heavily moderate the TeamSpeak server to ensure that everyone has a good experience without any other users harassing them. If you ever need to contact us, you can via TeamSpeak or the website/forums, any issues or complaints can be forwarded to a member of staff.


We have implemented a plethora of features to the server thanks to our Developers, such features include open to all music bots, Automated activity tracking system and leveling bot what levels you of you life time activity, Automatic channel creation and our member ranking system with much more to come.


We ensure use data is encrypted and secure with very limited access. We understand the importance of keeping your IP and other sensitive information. The only staff members with such access are Malfery, Mel and Alex.